Best thing about Tues/Thurs is…

the chance to hang out with both Tori and Lauren 🙂

My two daughters rock!!! They are so amazing. Yesterday we took Tori to the doc for her check up and she scored high just like her sister. She is in the 95% on height and 75% on weight. The doc said she is stronger, showing more muscle tone and is more alert than some six month olds he has seen recently…. AWESOME!!! Yes, yes… I am a proud papa.

We followed up our doctor visit with a meeting at Martial Way with the Staff and then off to our favorite neighborhood bistro, Cafe Java. After lunch it was off to Day Care thought 😦

I ran a few errands and then had fun preparing Lauren for her Tiger’s Test this weekend. She really is getting better and better.

What a day with my ladies – Guro Larry

Monday’s Classes on Fire with Kickboxing Basics!!!

Yesterday was just amazing!!! It was wonderful to see everyone hitting so hard during Back to Basics. This new format of doing things really seemed to get everyone’s heart pumping. It was also interesting to see everyone working in the panther crawls together. We’ll have to keep practicing that to make sure everyone gets it down better. The best thing about them… is they work everything. Core, Legs, Arms…. they are AWEsome!!! Rounded out the night seeing Sarah back in my Advance Class and also seeing a good size Intermediate Class for Hector. Can’t wait to see everyone in our INT/ADV Classes Testing Saturday, May 22nd. Remember if you have a hard time making that date then please email me on a better time to have a Make Up. Lets have some more fun tonight everyone as we take one more step closer to your Goals!!! Guro Larry

A very very great Tuesday…

Was a great day of meetings via the phone. The day ran fast but it was fun. Heck the night was even faster LOL. Classes were awesome though and tomorrow and Thursday night’s Graduation is going to be amazing. The Bag Class really came to life as we did Allison and Jamie’s combo to prepare for Graduation. Then the Intermediate Class kicked some serious butt. It was phenomenal to see them take the basic energy drills from their curriculum and do some really advanced application. The day at Martial Way rounded off with Josh and Branden training hard for the next grappling tournament. Great push Josh on that round with me. The day over all was killer but the ultimate highlight was visiting Tori at day care and just holding her until she went to sleep. Don’t get me wrong… The diaper change was cool too LOL!!!

What a Run Yesterday!!!

Ended up running not just the three miles I planned LOL. Walked 1-2 extra and then jogged another single mile. My good knee feels it a little today but my legs surprisingly feel pretty good. Looking forward to my run on the 15th. Testing the waters everyday and improving ourselves a little each day is what it is all about. Keep up the push!!! Guro Larry