Wednesday 6-2-10

Larry Ink 6-2-10

Fun day and fast
Woke early
Been very easy lately
6am class rocked
Ran home and packed up for the day
Hit my favorite coffee shop Cafe Java
Got some good work done while I waited on Lauren to join me
We headed in to Martial Way and finished up some lesson plans
Was difficult getting caught up and switching computers
Really nice to have mine back though
I am definitely missing some software and will need to gather my discs to reinstall
Awesome to see our spinning wheel in for the Summer of Fun Drawings and the Karate Kid event
Shot up to Round Rock to pick up my mother from the hospital
She is really doing great after her surgery
It really didn’t seem to bother her much either which was good to see
Lauren was a little curious about it so Nana showed her what it looked like when she got dressed
She was soooooo funny in the elevator because she told a doctor that her Nana only has one booby LOL
Nana just laughed
Got her home safe and sound and then headed back to Martial Way
It was nap time for Lauren and I think maybe me too 😉
No time for that though Dr. Jones
Quick trip for me to Compuzone which is my favorite Mac Shop
Gave them back their rental and got some more of my data from them
Back to Martial Way just in time to finish my last lesson plan and get ray for our Tiger childrens class
The kids were on today too which was cool
I think they were also very stoked about the Summer of Fun Ticket Drawings too
Great job with the new Powerful Word of the month – FOCUS!
American Top Team MMA class was a little small but we got some good sparring in
Also started working on the new things we are adding to the working curriculum like the new tie up drills
Could not stay after that
I was really looking forward to working out some more and sparring
Dance class was fun and funny all at the same time
If you really want to have some good laughs then you can watch a bunch of dads dance for their daughters this Sunday
Let me know and I can get you more information on it 😉
Ran was hard to drive in but made it home safely
Junior time
He really is developing into a good dog
Cute too
Dinner a about half an hour of my first tv show in three weeks
Call from Lauren for sweet dreams and that it was 


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