Wednesday 6-16 In A Nut Shell!!!

We had an spawesome class at 6am with five people!!!  
It was really cool to see that many people again in that time slot.  Just gives you more motivation to get up that early and teach!
I ran home for a quick breakfast.
Talk about multiple-tasking….  Cooking, laundry, dishes and packing all at once LOL.
Always fun to have timely deadlines on tasks.  Even better to complete them.  I think that gives us a sense of accomplishment which is what we need.
Off to Martial Way to finish lesson plans for the day.
I had a blast in the video shoot with JB and Sandy. They were really nice and fun to work with. I hope the editing comes out well and I can’t wait to see it.
Afterwards it was off to my first of two lunch meetings on a invention/project that I have been wanting to create.  Many months in the running and four pro to-types later we have something that rocks!  Now it is just down to costs to get the inventory made.  Almost there.
Speaking of… Something I have noticed lately is that when we create action steps from our ideas as well as meetings it helps formulate a plan.  That plan goes in to play when we set deadlines to it.  For example you have six task due in six days. So the easy math is that you finish one task per day. The problem though is we often don’t schedule the task so therefore we won’t have time to do it.  Schedule it and it shall be done 😉
Second lunch meeting went great as well.  We were at Mr. tramps trying to scout the best way to run our next UFC Event.  We came up with some really good ideas so I can’t wait to see it come to life.  At this point though I am running a little behind schedule so I had to cancel my training time 🙂
On a plus I was able still hang with Lauren. She cracks me up.  So competitive right now.  She hadps to race in everything…. Oh and win too LOL. She helps me remember things that are important. Another plus was I finalize lessons, meet a new potential Tiger for our awesome chidren’s class and…. Finish packing all our clothes and equipment.
Jamie and I made it to the airport with plenty of time.  It was kind of quiet there which was nice.  A little BBQ and we were boarding for LA. 
On the plan it was nice because we could spread out over three seats and relax while planning some more things for the school.
A quick nap and BOOM we are here.
Shuttle and rental car went quick and we were in our hotel room unpacking in no time.  Getting in a little late left us with only Denny’s as a decent dinner option; but it wasn’t bad.  Bed fairly early and we will be ready to get up early tomorrow and work before the seminar…. Then train like beasts 😉


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