WhoooHoooo To Our New Belt Holders!!!


I wanted to say congrats to many people from this weekend’s Belt Test!!!

Alex V. – Tigers Yellow Belt
Ryder H. Tigers Red Belt

Matt W. – FMA Yellow Belt
Brad H. – Jun Fan / JKD Yellow Belt
Chellie F. – ADV Kickboxing Yellow Belt
Geo C. – ADV Kickboxing Yellow Belt

Derrell G. – ADV Kickboxing Gold Belt
Adam H. – Jun Fan / JKD Gold Belt
Sarah J. – Jun Fan / JKD Gold Belt

Scotty F. – ATT Green Level

Branden L. – ADV Kickboxing Orange Belt

Sarah J. – ADV Kickboxing Blue Belt

Jamie S. – Jun Fan / JKD Purple Belt

Man I think I got everyone but if I missed anyone please let me know :)))

Thank you to all of you for working on bringing a partner to help. That made Testing run sooooo much smoother. Speaking of, everyone that tested, make sure you get 10 extra tickets for pushing hard. Everyone that came to just help…. make sure you get an extra 25 tickets for being awesome team players.

Guro Larry