Excitement that builds…


I just enjoyed another amazing weekend with my oldest daughter Lauren. Something that I find works great for her is getting her excited about what we are about to do. For instance, I would give her a list of things that we are going to do for the day. During the day she would recap with me what we were going to do next. I find this great to help her plan and I hope that it helps create a structure that she will take with her as she becomes an adult.

I also find that it helps if I start getting her pumped up and excited about what is next on our list. This way before we are going to transition to our next task or event, I give her a five minute heads up.

The point of me writing this is, when is the last time you had the excitement build in your day. When is the last time you were like ok in 15 minutes, I am leaving work to go train and enjoy my evening. Ok in ten minutes I am packing up so I can go train my heart out this evening. Ok in five minutes I am walking out that door and going to make myself better than I was this morning. Ok tonight is the night I get to share my knowledge and change some one’s life. In just a few minutes I will make some one’s day better just because they were in my class.

We have to pump ourselves up before big things like competitions and tests; but how come we don’t when it comes to the smaller things in life?

Lets start now and get ourselves pumped up right this second for that car ride, lunch, bank run, errands, laundry or whatever it may be. Even if it is vacuuming the floor… think what is next… what will I be doing right after that. Make it so and lets have some fun building the excitement!!!

Guro Larry