What will your next three months bring YOU???


There is only three months left of 2010. That means you have to pull out all the stops!!! Get that crumpled up napkin out that you wrote your new year’s resolutions on. Yeah you know the one from that new year’s eve party 🙂

Seriously… look at your goals for the year… have you already achieved them? If not, what is their status?? What is holding you back on them???

The one thing I have learned is that Plans often have to be changed. Sometimes even the best of plans fails or need modification to adapt to something new.

Lets make a new plan and make it happen!!!

Call me, email me, Face Book me, text me or even pigeon me a note and tell me what I can do to help.

My goals start with your goals so let me and this amazing team at Martial Way help you on your way.

Find your keys, get in your car, start it up, put it in “Go Mode” and please please please take the PARKING BREAK off!!!!

Lets great ready for an awesome end of 2010 so we can plan NEW goals for 2011!!!

Guro Larry St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
American Top Team Trained and Certified MMA Affiliate
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The old saying that knowledge is power is just that… execution… now that is POWER!!!