“Unless You Puke; Faint; or Die Keep Going”

Here I am (at age 51) and never felt better in my life. Martial Way has an amazing impact on my physical well being. I am in the best physical condition of my life.

Three years ago I was skeptical at first, I decided to give “Martial Way” a shot; doing so has made me fit and stronger in all kind of ways. I especially thank my son Jeb who motivated me to join Martial Way. I lost approximately 20 pounds and my BMI dropped from 44% to 32%.

The founder and “GURU” Mr. Larry St. Clair
What did I learn on my first day of my private class with Larry?
“Unless You Puke; Faint; or Die Keep Going”. It seems harsh, trust me it works.
Throughout my 3 year weekly private classes Larry never fails to amaze me with the different workout schedule he had put together for my private classes.
Larry carefully researches the proper exercise forms and techniques that best suits for his students. He constantly changes my workout routine. When he is out of town he never fails to plan out my workout.

Miss Jamie

Rain or sun-shine she is there for me, I do not recall a day that she had to cancel the class for personal reasons. Jamie is full of energy and takes full pride in what she does. Great motivator.

I love the Bag Class, good 1 hour of sweating and burning.

Latha Kirubakaran


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