What are you Thankful for?


I am thankful for having my ol rock back in my life.  To have my mother back as my mom and also as my friend is the best.  

I am thankful for my two beautiful daughters who every day remind me of the important things in life.

Even though things are difficult right now…. I am thankful for Heidi who helped make the two most precious gems in the world with me.

I am very thankful for my friendships with everyone but especially Sonja, Jamie, Hector and Branden.  Their listening and helping has been the best and without them I would not have a chance to think straight this year.

I am also thankful for my relationships with Guro Dan, Guro Ron and Marc.  Without your guidance, Martial Way would just be a dream.  

Last but not least… I am thankful for all those that come to Martial Way or are linked to it in some form or way.  You all rock!!!  From my new up and coming Black Belts like Sarah, Watkins, Adam and Scott to my Tigers like Marcos, Trey and Alex Vo… You are the next generation!!! Special thanks to my wonderful moms who give me hope everyday that I am on the right path.  Monica and Marnie… your words have helped a lot.  I know there are more but there is only so much time… So know that I am thinking of you 😉  

With that in mind, let me just say, thank you to all those that have touched my life and have allowed me to touch theirs.  You are why I teach and will continue to drive towards enriching peoples lives everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

What are you thankful for?

Guro Larry St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
American Top Team Trained and Certified MMA Affiliate
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best

The old saying that knowledge is power is just that… execution… now that is POWER!!!


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