Well now is the moment that you have been waiting for….


Happy New Year!!!

Well now is the moment that you have been waiting for…. what is the new happenings at Martial Way???

Well the Facility will speak for itself when you see it. We are adding 16 more mats worth of active training area upstairs. We should be done with that by the end of this week. Downstairs is rockin too because right now we have added another five mats for Private Lessons and Competition Training / Conditioning. More to come for downstairs in the next quarter so get ready!!!

The other great advancement in our Academy is the schedule. We have extended our old Bag Class (now with a face lift and called our MMA Conditioning Class) to four days per week!!! That means you can enjoy it Monday – Thursday from 530pm – 630pm. Literally all our students can enjoy this class completely FREE for the month of January. Come in and experience what the new and improved MMA Conditioning Class feels like. If you are like the lucky seven from last night then you will LOVE it!!!

Last but not least we have taken a big step back and forward all at the same time. We have merged and brought out INT and ADV Curriculums together as one class. Now everyone will get to train together and all of you will benefit from more time with me. This will happen Monday – Thursday from 645pm – 8pm. Yes, this means you get an hour and 15 minutes of training time. (30 minutes more that before :).

This new format is all Inclusive meaning your are getting the benefit of training in six major Martial Art Curriculums for the price of one!!! This is going to help bring my Vision of Cross Training and showing everyone what true Mixed Martial Arts is all about. Get ready to be the most well rounded Martial Artists Martial Way has ever produced. Get ready to be the best you have ever been. The time is now and you’ll see what I mean by the end of March. Give it three months and you will see a better you!!!

I know you might have lots of questions. Have no fear because we are right here all week long to help and get you on the right course. I have new things waiting for you when you show up so lets get to training!!!

Heck, last night we finished two sections of curriculum that spanned five months worth of knowledge… oh and the sweat was pouring 🙂

Happy New Year and Welcome to your New and Improved Martial Way Academy!!!

Dedicated to your success in 2011 and Beyond!!!

Guro Larry St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
American Top Team Trained and Certified MMA Affiliate
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best

The old saying that knowledge is power is just that… execution… now that is POWER!!!


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