“Never underestimate the power of encouragement…”

Here is a small portion of Brion Oaks Gold Belt Essay… well said!!!

“In thinking about writing this Gold Belt essay, I knew my assignment was to discuss all of the things that I have learned up to this point. My immediate thought was to discuss all the many techniques that we have reviewed like our basic right and left round kicks or our push kicks and knees and even basic combos like 4A & 4B. But when I really begin to think about it, I realized that this journey in martial arts and my time at Martial Way has been much more than just learning the technical ins and outs of kickboxing. That’s why I decided to write my essay about the intangible things that attending Martial Way has helped me learn along the way. Here are my thoughts:
1.     Never underestimate the power of encouragement – One of the things that I enjoy the most about Martial Way is the encouragement that everyone gives you from the minute you walk into the door on your first day. It really does mean a lot and helps people aspire to do more. I remember how nervous I was at the first class I attended. I’ve never been athletically gifted so I was always conscious of being a bad partner. But I remember from working with guys like Mark, Rome, and Matt that no matter how bad I really was, they always had positive things to say which encouraged me to do more and feel comfortable in my abilities. I try to do the same for other classmates especially on their first day because I know the doubt that they may be experiencing and understand how important praise and encouragement can be to them to get them over that hurdle.”

More to come from Brion’s Gold Belt Essay….


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