Strength comes in many ways and often enough…

Strength comes in many ways and often enough it has nothing to do with your muscles 🙂

Strength comes in having a Vision, Setting Goals and of course achieving them.  Often enough, the trials of along the way of achieving your Goals is what builds strength.  

Of course none of this is possible without first having a Vision to start with.  Once you have this idea of what you would like to achieve, then it is time to break it down into smaller goals / tasks.  As you break them down write them down. Writing them down on paper is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.  Writing down your Goals and Resolutions is probably the number one thing that will help you take your Vision and turn it into a reality.  See if you don’t write it down…. it is just a Dream.  Once you write it down…. it becomes real and tangible.  IT will become you if you start here.  

So with that said we have to start here before we can face the difficulties along the way to even build strength in ourselves.

With that in mind… I want to share with you my Vision and several of my Goals this new year.

1. Change the World We Live In….
2. Spend More Time with My Children
3. 10,000 Reps of something every month (January – 10,000 Push Up, etc.)

So there is just my beginning steps…. now your turn 🙂

Here is my favor from you.  I am trying to compile a list of Goals / Resolutions (G&R – not Guns and Roses 🙂 for the new year.  I want to see if we can make a list so large that it will motivate everyone to say their G&R aloud. If everyone does this… they will be one step closer to achieving their Goals as well as becoming stronger individuals.

So… what do you want to do or be this year. How do you want to change and better yourself. Remember… this could be anything you want… the sky is the limit!!!  It would be to work less, get that promotion/raise, spend more time with the family, etc.  But just by sharing these we will motivate ourselves and others around us.  The list will be compiled without names.  Just a simple list of G&R 🙂

What do you say???  Help us once again help others in need.  We need to help them know that their dreams are possible.

Email them directly to me at

Thanks again for your help and I can’t wait to see your G&R.

Guro Larry St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
American Top Team Trained and Certified MMA Affiliate
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best

The old saying that knowledge is power is just that… execution… now that is POWER!!!


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