“You are continually coming up with something new…” by Adam Herrmann


This is a list that Adam shared with me about how Martial Way Academy and it’s instructors has changed his life…

“1) I’ve gotten in much better shape.  In addition to the regular classes, there have been numerous other opportunities. e.g. fit 2 fight, fight team, private lessons, seminars, boot camp.

2) I’ve actually maintained a commitment to training.  I think this is due in large part to the motivation provided by the staff.  Also, you are continually coming up with something new and different, so it doesn’t seem to get old.  The school seems to facilitate a lot of camaraderie, which I think also helps to motivate me to continue coming.

3) I think that I have really gotten a lot out of private lessons.  When I first started, I wondered whether I was really getting that much out of it, but I have seen a dramatic improvement in all aspects of my training, from preparation for belt/stripe testing, to endurance.  I think that fit2fight would have been a lot harder if I hadn’t already been doing the belt combos in my private lessons.  It’s amazing the difference that just one day a week has made.”

Adam Herrmann



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