Setting Goals…. like 10,000 Core Exercises in ONE MONTH!!!

I have spoken to so many people about what it takes to set and achieve goals. Honestly though, writing down the goal, setting a deadline, making a plan and telling everyone about is still missing something. You still need what I call the “Big C”.

You have to be “Consistent”.

You have to keep chiseling away at your clay to make it to your goal.

Last month was a roller coaster for me and I found myself a week and a half away from my deadline. I found myself needing 6000 leg presses. WOW!!!

Most would have given up; but I knew that I had to pay the price for not being Consistent.

If I could have done a few more each day then I would have been able to finish a lot easier.

But the drive to finish for myself and everyone that was following me was most important to me. What was most important was to set an example and let everyone see me finish. To give everyone hope that they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Those close to me knew I was down to 2000 left at 11pm on the 28th…. but I kept pushing…. I finished!!!

After taking a day or two to recover and reflecting back, I realize that I had lots of speed bumps to slow me down this month.

I needed a better plan to make this goal happen. I needed to keep calculating my numbers each night to see where I was at and what I needed to do the next day.

Being consistent in the gym, at home and in life is really what matters.

This time around, I want to help those out there with some great exercises and options for core training. I also thought if I have to post exercises I am doing throughout the month, then we could all stay fired up and consistent.

Attached here are my favorite set of crunches. Before this set I just had a strong core and rock hard abs. I had a line down my mid section but I did not have any other tone. I couldn’t figure out why… until I got to this set. I have been using this set since High School and have stuck with it. The benefits actually out weight the looks. I truly believe my strikes and other actions are 10x stronger because of this set.

I want to encourage you to do this set three days in a row starting at 15 reps each. After the first three days, you should move up to 16 reps and so forth.

Start with the basic hand position and to the next level of difficulty as you feel stronger.

Enjoy this set because it will bring you many rewards in the future.

Guro Larry St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
American Top Team Trained and Certified MMA Affiliate
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best

The old saying that knowledge is power is just that… execution… now that is POWER!!!


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