The Four Legs We Stand On…

In order for us to work towards being Superman or at least Super Human we need several things. Specifically we need Four Legs. These legs are the most important part of getting the most out of ourselves and our days.

They are simple…

1. Activity
2. Nutrition
3. Hydration
4. Rest

We need Activity to help keep us young. To give us the blood flow and energy to keep up. Those that are parents know what I mean. If you are not in decent shape, it will be hard to keep up with your children. They will wear you out!!! 🙂

In order to drive strong during our Actions we need fuel. With the proper Nutrition we can do just about anything. Think about the times that you feel really sluggish after a meal. Remember how your energy level felt… what energy???!!!! LOL. I think of this leg and a saying always comes to mind… “you are what you eat!!!”. We are like race cars. We need high octane foods and supplementation to help get the most out of what we consume.

Beyond this we need Hydration. Those days of head aches, muscle aches and fatigue are often lead to bad Nutrition and/or Hydration. Think about how the next day of a bender out on the town feels. You are a zombie that day and as you get older you are probably a zombie for the rest of the week!!! Talk about a low point on the productivity meter!!!

Last but not least… we need Rest!!! Without it we can’t recover. Whether it is a tough day at the office or a hard training session at the gym…. we need sleep. I personally am not the best at this one. I burn the candle at least at two ends as my dad always told me. But think about it… how did you feel on days where you got plenty of Rest??? How did you feel on days that you didn’t??? It is the key to repair… physically, mentally and spiritually.

A healthy life style takes Three P’s to make it happen.


You must Plan your schedule and your day so that you get the most out of it. “Plan your work and work your Plan”!!!

You must Prepare the things you need ahead of time so that you are not without. For instance having multiple water bottles with you and snacks every where you go. This way you always have Nutrition and Hydration. Prep your meals and be ready to go for an action packed day!!!

Precision…. well need I really say more. If you don’t hit the bulls eye on your Planning and Preparation… well then all that was for nothing 😦

The weekend is almost here and will you be ready for Monday morning with a Plan. Will you be Prepared to make a change in your life. Choose to Change and hit the target Precisely.

It isn’t easy and all the knowledge you can get will help.

If you can attend our 24 Day Challenge Event on Tuesday, May 10th, I will show you more about how to Plan and how to be Prepared.

The evening is completely Free and we will be training in everyday fitness movements. We will show you how they relate to self-defense. We will then have a special guest with food samples from My Fit Foods!!! They will be talking about the best Octane for your tank. Then we will discuss supplementation and what Advocare and the 24 Day Challenge can do for you.

Hope this helps motivate you and give you some extra drive.

In the end… “knowledge isn’t the power… execution… now that is POWER!!!”


Guro Larry
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
American Top Team Trained and Certified MMA Affiliate
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best


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