Lets change the world… one glass of water at a time!!!

I was teaching our Tigers Children’s Character Development Class a few weeks ago and made mention of a situation I most recently noticed.

First of all… let me help you understand what we have been talking about.

For the past month of September we have been working on a Character Development Lesson towards “self-reliance”.  Our goal is to help our community understand that they must keep trying to make something happen.

The old Japanese Maxim comes to mind…. “Fall down seven, get up eight”.

Our secondary message is that if you can’t do it, then ask for…. “Help!!!”  

This I have noticed is a big problem in our younger generations.  They would rather clam up or just be upset and not ask for help.

Two extremely good messages are here.  Teach them to be strong and self-reliant.  Teach them to be able to ask  for help and even use Team Work to get big things accomplished!!!

This brings me to my point now….

As parents, we have all these fast paced schedules.  Sometimes it our children’s events and other times it is our own.  Either way there is a fast way to do things… especially if we are in a rush.

Our child asks or needs something… maybe we tell them where to find it or how to get it.  Often enough though, because we are in a hurry we just grab it or do it for them.

You see where I am going right???

Hey, I am just as guilty of it; but we have to catch these super important moments.  The are life changing moments!!!  They don’t always happen in a row but they will repeat eventually. 

I say lets break the pattern we have here.  STOP!!!!  Take a breath… and show them how to do something.  Watch the pay off that those few minutes have on our children and see them grow.  

If they or you are a few minutes late… everything will still be ok.


Because you just made a life lesson out of something simple like getting a glass of water or making a PB&J.

How cool is that???

Lets change the world… one glass of water at a time!!!

Guro Larry, Lauren & Tori St. Clair
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The old saying that knowledge is power is just that… execution… now that is POWER!!!

“Take the time to unplug….”

Picked up my youngest today after not seeing her in a week…. was a great feeling.

Honestly it is the same pretty much every morning though.

Every time she sees me she just smiles ear to ear… super heart warming.

While I was out my oldest tried calling me several times. I was out of service so I couldn’t receive her call but I was able to listen to her messages a few days later.

She was definitely missing me. Telling me how her day went, etc. etc.

IT was extremely nice to be missed.

As I was thinking about these moments on the last few days of my journey, more reasons came to mind on why we should take a few days or even a week off.

Obviously to unplug…. like literally… no phone, text or internet…. OH MY!!!!

To let our mind, body and spirit just relax and even repair. Before leaving my shoulder was strained so a week off really did it some good. Also an interesting side note is that it takes you a day or two away to just stop thinking about all the things you normally do.

IT is also super important to have this away time to show yourself how much you miss the people in your lives as well as your favorite activities.

Nothing beats this!!!

Even more so for those in your lives to be missing you and your day to day interaction.

On of my top ten favorite parts of my morning so far is when my youngest and I went to have breakfast at Cafe Java. The owner Matt knows us well and had just seen the girls the day before.

After welcoming me back and saying hello he told me something my oldest said yesterday.

She said, “If you see my dad today or tomorrow before I do, be sure to give him a hug and kiss from me. Tell him I love him.”

I can’t wait to do my normal routine today and pick up my oldest from school so she can give me that hug and kiss herself.

Take the time to unplug….
for yourself…
and for those you love.

Guro Larry