“Celebrate our differences and learn from each other…”

Life is all about communication. We have to have communication between our friends, family, co-workers…. even worst enemies :)))

During this communication there are two big elements.

The first is presentation. We must present what ever we are talking about. Whether it be formal and planned out or just off the cuff, it all starts here.

The second is interpretation. This is the part where the person(s) translates what you are saying.

Often enough though, somewhere in the middle…. there can be a miscommunication.

This happens because no matter how well you present it there can still be an issue with the person understanding it.

We must take into consideration their experiences as a person and even if teaching what kind of a “learner” they are.

Our struggle in life should be to understand people. Be patient and enjoy our time communicating with each other. Celebrate our differences and learn from each other.

As Tony Robbins says… “Be fascinated with your frustration”

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