Develop the Leader Within…

Recently we hosted a Board Breaking Graduation.  During the ceremony we had the children go through our six basic positions in class.  They all did pretty well but would occasionally copy each other.  So I decided to have them all close their eyes.  Then I made them do their positions again. Guess what happened???  They all did it perfectly!!! Amazing how that works.  Our eyes often play tricks on us.  We are naturally creatures of reflection.  Therefore often enough what we see or hear is what we do. This brings truth to the saying “monkey see monkey do”.  If we are to develop the leader within us as well as the leaders around us, we have to pause… close our eyes… and then take action.

Guro Larry, Lauren & Tori St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
American Top Team Trained and Certified MMA Affiliate
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best

The old saying that knowledge is power is just that… execution… now that is POWER!!!


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