Disguising 10,000 Reps!!!

If you do anything for too long… you soon become bored with it.

So you have to change it up.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you change what you do… just how you do it.

So how do you change up 10,000 reps in just 30 days???

If you were doing 10,000 push ups you could change up the following…

Hand Position

Foot Position

Body Angle

Range of Motion

Hand Structure

Hand Position could be anything from in front of your solders, close to your chest, center of your chest, far a part, fingers pointed in, etc.

Foot Position you could have your feet together, apart, crossed over each other, etc.

Body Angle could be parallel with the floor, feet up on some thing (body slanting down), hands up on something (body slanting up), upside down parallel to wall, etc.

Your Range of Motion could be standard with your arms all the way extended, half way extended or even a short range.  You could push and clap your hands together or jump your whole body off the ground and clap your hands.  You could do Hindu Push Ups in a forward and backward elliptical motions or even the Cabbage Patch which goes side to side.  You could also do Stair Step Push Ups dropping your elbows to the floor.  There are so many options including changing your depth on a Ball, Rack or even the TRX.

Last but not least and more challenging is you could change your Hand Structure.  This would include doing it on your palms, knuckles, fingers spread, three fingers, two fingers, etc.  This is more challenging so be careful!!!

My favorite way to change it up or disguise the reps though is the count themselves.

Try this…

Day One – Sets of 50 reps (less often)

Day Two – Sets of 25 reps (a little more often)

Day Three – Sets of 10 reps (very often – set your phone alarm and drop and give me 10 😉

Day Four – 50-40-30-20-10 (every time you do them you knock off 10, gives you 150 total for each set!!!)

These are just some ways but you could combine them or come up with your own.  The nice thing is your body will really enjoy the push of lots of reps one day.  Then a slight lighter concept.  I find my metabolism really enjoys the 10 reps very often.

Remember the goal is to take a big number and tackle it by doing a little something every day.

Even if you don’t have a chance to make it to the Academy… you can always hit some reps and still get a little workout going.

Try this and get busy… see you at the end of the month with 10,000 reps!!!



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