Lemons to Lemonade!!!

Last year I had the chance to go on a journey with a friend if mine.  We had done this before together and really had a blast.  Our first journey wet really smooth and as planned.  This new journey however would not.

As the days got closer to our departure the news was covering what was waiting for us.  A huge hurricane that was aiming directly for our destination.

Both my friend and I were used to this kind of mother nature because of where we grew up.  We both stayed positive and continued with everything as planned.

It worked out great because everyone was so worried about the hurricane that we almost had the entire plane to ourselves… Ha!!!

We arrived to good weather that soon became bad weather as we drove to purr hotel.  That was followed up by at least a two hour wait to check in because the lines were insanely large.  Come to find out later it was because our hotel was taking in 1500+ refugees from a near by island.

Once finally getting checked in we went I to town to catch the ferry over to the island and it was put on hold because if the potential bad weather on it’s way.

After getting completely soaked walking around, we decided to return to our hotel. We arrived to find more people and postings of meetings about what we would do if the hurricane hit.

We grabbed some snacks and water and proceeded to hang low in our room.

A day later when the hurricane finally hit it tuned into a tropical storm and wasn’t that bad after all.  We wondered back out trying to find an outfit to go scuba diving but no one was going that day.  Until we lucked out and met two gentleman in the lobby. They spoke with their guide and he let us tag along.  The greatest thing about this new friendship is that it would lead to the only diving available at the time… Cenote diving.  I always wanted to do this and now I would have the chance!!

We had a blast and the met day we set out to visit the island again.  Only draw back is that no one was diving yet since all the boats were out of the water.

Once again our plans needed to change and we needed to be creative.  So we rented a jeep and drove to the ocean side of the is,and where I have never been and enjoyed meeting our new friend Luis… The Real McCoy!!!  He greeted us in a little hut and was literally just putting back up his hammocks.  We enjoyed half the day there it seemed before moving on to a simple restaurant up onto of a cliff.  Man the view was amazing!!!

Later we returned the jeep and decided to walk around town.  We then found ourselves running late to make our ferry home.  So we stayed in the courtyard and had dinner.  At that moment we stumbled onto fire dancers doing a show that is common on Saturday nights.  Wow they were awesome.

The whole rest of the way to our hotel and even home the next day…. We couldn’t help but think about our day…. even our trip.

We couldn’t help but think how we were actually given lemons.  We had so many changes to our plans… but it didn’t matter because we stayed positive.  We looked for new opportunities and took them.  We found more amazing experiences.  We took lemons and made lemonade!!!

Stay positive and look for the hidden gems around each corner.

Guro Larry


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