Courage – Part One

We have to have courage before, during and after any situation.  We need it before so that we can become more informed on subjects we participate in.  This may include learning, understanding and becoming better at things we will never be the best at.

We need these steps to feel competent with what we are doing.  This builds confidence which will help you make decisions and execute actions that need to be done.

Afterwards though, we need the courage to stand by our actions.  To be confident in the way we handled things from start to finish.

As with all things… it starts with a single notion or spark… an idea.

I want to become X or I want to do Y.  What is that idea you have had sitting on the back burner?  What is that new thing that you want to try??

As Charles Dubois said, “The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”

The time is now.

“Step Up!!!” as Tony Robbins would say and live it, breath it… feel it.



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