What life was like before Cell Phones….

I was having a neat conversation with one of my parents the other day.  It started with her texting her husband to tell him the good news about their child’s most recent Belt Promotion.  She mentioned what would we do with out cell phones or texting.  I agreed and said we would have to wait until everyone got home from work/school to tell them.  You know… around the dinner table like the old days LOL.

It is true though.  Now days everyone just sends a quick text or call when they get a moment to tell someone about their most recent events.

I joked and said that’s what leads us to eat less at the table and more in front of the TV.  It also leads to us watching more TV and communicating less with the people we care about.  In the long run our relationships end up hurt.

It is true that I have known couples that sit on the couch watching TV and texting each other…. IN THE SAME ROOM!!!  WOW…

I feel we must hold some information back!  Wait a little longer and then share our day with those we care about.  Leave some excitement for when we get home and can enjoy our time together.

“Honey… what was your high and what was your low?”  🙂

Guro Larry
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