Food Journal 10-25-12

8am – wake

830am – fiber drink

845am – catalyst x3 & two cups of water

9am – fruit bowl

water water water

930am – Omegaplex x3

1030am – Arginine Extreme & Spark

water water water

1130am – catalyst x3 & two cups of water

12pm – eggs veggies and quinoa

water water water

1215pm – C-Grams & Joint Promotion

water water water

215pm – catalyst x3 & two cups of water

230pm – oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut oil, trail mix, berries


3pm – Omegaplex x3


4pm – Arginine Extreme, Mass Impact & V-16 + Muscle Strength & 02 Gold

445pm – 15 minute jog + 12 minute Shadow Boxing w/ Weapons


6pm – Meal Replacement Shake


7pm – Kettle Bell

730pm – Pro20


9pm – Hot Dang Grain Paddy, Quinoa & Veggies


930pm – Omegaplex x3, Joint Promotion & C-Grams

12am – Bed w/ Cleanse Pills & Night Time Recovery

24 Day Challenge Has Started!!!

I am super excited to be not only coaching a large group of 16 people this time but also to be paving the way.  This time we are working on a Phase IV for those in the future to try.  Implementing different products as well as time lines to get the best results is the fun part of the research 🙂

I will star to post my food journals here so you can also track the progress.  Can’t wait to see the results!!!

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