Three A’s to Awesome!!!


Three A’s of Awesome!!!

I was doing my normal watching of inspirational videos on and came across this one.  I fell in love with the concept from just the title.  Of course anyone that knows me knows that I love the word…. “AWEsome” so it was the perfect match!!!

The basic concept here is to Remind yourself of the simple universal pleasures that we take for granted.  Think about it… what are some things that give you the simple pleasures in life?  One of my favorites that he reminded me of was when the Grocery Lines are full.  You know that feeling of “oh man, I am going to be here a while”.  Then all of the sudden one opens and you get to move to the front of the line….  now that is AWEsome!!!

So to sum up the video are these Three A’s to Awesome that he discusses.  The 1st A is Attitude.  I mean we will all get bumps along the way.  We are all going to have highs and lows but when things don’t go as planned we got two choices.  We can be sad or angry about it forever… or we can take a moment, reflect and open our eyes with a new outlook.  Our Attitude needs to be to take this new wisdom and continue to progress forward!!!

The second A is Awareness.  Now this is bigger than the “look both ways for cars” type of Awareness.  This is the Awareness like a three year old.  These young children are experiencing many things for the first time.  They are enjoying things that we definitely take for granted as we get older.  We need to view things more this way.  For instance on our way to Black Belt Health and Beyond… we are going to round kick many times in the Academy.  However even after near 28 years of round kicking… I should be round kicking with the excite that I had the first time I got to kick!!  Treat all things that you do with lots of repetitions in life as if it was the first time.  Get back to being excited about the little things and enjoy ever second of them over and over again!!!

The third A is Authenticity.  I love this one.  You have to follow your heart.  You literally have to be YOU…. and be cool with it.  When you do this you will find yourself doing things you really want to do.  Literally you will be spending time with the people you value the most.  You will also find yourself going to places you have only dreamt of.  You will exist in a place of love for yourself and everything you do.  Be true to yourself!!!

Honestly we are the only species that can experience all these amazing things in life.  Lets get busy enjoying these moments because they are literally escaping us every second.  To paraphrase from the video… “Choose to move forward no matter what and embrace your inner 3 year old while living true to your heart.”  If you can do this you will live a life that is truly awesome!!!!

Check out the presenters site and even order his books.  I did :)))

Guro Larry St. Clair

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