Practice Makes Perfect!!!

On my most recent trip I met a lot of people.  Really awesome people.  There were many from all different occupations and some you wouldn’t even know they did what they did.

During one of our dives about mid way in our trip the weather changed dramatically.  For the first time in a while there was no wind when we decended but as we came back from a really amazing dive we noticed it had changed.  As we approached the end to our safety stop we began to head for the ladder at the back of the boat. Funny thing is that t seemed as we went left, the boat moved.  Then when we went right, guess what the boat moved.  It was all over the place and we were really having to work for it.

I literally found myself faking right to go left and finally ending up at a great place to exit the water.

Once again… Mother nature was there to remind us of who was in charge.

Thankfully as always our training paid off.  Scuba Classes at Tom’s Dive and Swim have always come in handy for me.  I believe this because diving is different every dive.  Even in the same location, the dive will be different.  Variables like weather on top of the water and below can change rather quickly.  Plus marine life changes from day to night as well as the big things that swim by.

Beyond that, I feel confident that diving and Martial Arts go hand in hand.  The concept of knowing your enemy.  Studying and training for the different types of scenarios you might find yourself in make a big difference.

To top that being in some type of physical shape and eating healthy does help.  Having all your wits about you (sorry some of my new dive buddies were from the UK) as well as making quick decisions on what needs to happen make a big difference if things change on you.

Most of all, diving is Continual Education at its best!!

We have to practice to get better.  As Guro Dan Inosanto recently mentioned to us… It is usually easier to get to a higher level, but extremely hard to maintain it.  Whether it is training in martial arts, scuba diving or something else… YOU have to practice.

So pick your skill and get to practicing… After all, that is where all the fun is at 😉

Guro Larry