Passion vs Zombie Outbreak!!!

I think of our world as we know it now like the Zombie Apocalypse.  You have those that are… well like Zombies just surviving.  Then you have the ResistAUnce.  Those fighting with everything they got to make a difference and save the world.  I know, too black and white.  I agree, there has to be a few other shades in there 🙂

Lets put it this way.  You walk into a Grocery Store and you get nothing from the clerk.  Just… BEEP…. BEEP…. BEEP.   Then maybe next time you are there you get the personal that asks you how your day was before you can even look at them.  See that is my goal.  I want to be the person that asks how your day is going before you can ask me… haha!

It is true though.  I want them to know that I do care and that I am thankful for their help.  I appreciate what they do.  Especially when it is with some FIRE!

This fire is the kind of thing that can light up any one’s day.  It is a ray of hope while we fight the world of Zombies and do more than just survive.  It is a life of Purpose and Passion!!

Passion itself a very powerful and strong feeling.  It is like fueling our car up with Super Unleaded.  It has gives us a BOOST!!!

So, how do you know what your Passion is?  Well it should be something that is a burning desire inside of you.  You will know it because your excitement for it is like a boiling pot of water.  The lid is shaking, the steam if roaring and the water is literally jumping out!!!  It is something that you will have enthusiasm about and love to do.  Find it…. and feel it.

Once you do, every step towards it will be with 125% of your heart and soul.

It will make committing towards your Purpose easier and when things get tough it will drive you to keep going!

If you haven’t found your Purpose yet, then find your Passion.  Once you do you can often enough link them together and let them fuel each other.

Good luck during the End Days and I hope to see you on the battle field :)))

Guro Larry

Your Purpose

When the “Why” is Strong… the “How” is simple.  Now that 2014 is here we have to put some things into motion.  We have to have a definite purpose.  We need to know where we are going in order to get there.  Think of your purpose like when you go on a road trip.  You need to pick and commit to a direction understanding that sometimes you might have to make adjustments along the way.  No matter what though… you stay on course towards your destination.  Your Purpose has to Fuel YOU!!!  It has to bring wind in your sails and fire to your actions!!!  Every thing you do from the moment you wake up until the moment you lay down is based on this mission in life.

“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand.  It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.”  W. Clement Stone

Action Steps to Designing the next stage of your life are simple….

1) Pick it – Decide what and where you want to be and see every detail of it.

2) Write it – Make it tangible by putting it on paper.  Dreams are in the air floating around… make it real.

3) Time it – It is important to have a deadline so that you make a plan backwards to reach it.  Given 20 years… you will take 30.  Give yourself 12 months and you will arrive at your destination.

4) Share it – Tell Everyone so they can help you.   They will hold you accountable for your actions forwards or not towards your Purpose.

5) Do it!!!  Simple… not always easy; but the most important of all.  Plans laid out on paper that are not put into play are simple a waste of space an time.

This is large… it is why you are here.

Guro Larry St. Clair