Explore – Part One



We have been discussing the topic “Explore” this month.

Exploring is really a two part concept.  It is normally thought as the purpose of discovery.  What we miss sometimes though is that exploring also happens when we engage in taking a closer look at something.  Digging a little deeper and scratching more than the surface.

I love Scuba Diving probably as much as I love Marital Arts.

They are really two sports and ways of life married together.

Most of all what I have seen over my near 29 years now in the Martial Arts is people always looking for the new thing.  We often stand directly on a beautiful garden while looking into the field farther away for something new.

Scuba Diving is the same way.  Many people are trying to check locations off their list.  “Yep, been there and done that”…. once…. really?

What we know from Martial Arts and Scuba Diving is that every day or dive is different.  Each day we train on the same mat and yet the out come is often not the same as it was yesterday.  When we dive, we can dive the exact same location and the life changes all through the day…. every day!

As much as we want the new “thing”, we need to look at what we have.  Scratch more than the surface and learn more about is.  When we do this, we will learn even more about ourselves in the process.

Guro Larry


24 Days of Free Training




We have so many events coming up I wanted to send a few more detailed messages out for some of them.

Right now for sure… it is TIME!

We are ending summer and moving into the last four months of the year very soon.  Most people started the year with some goals in mind.  You may be one of these people.  You might have started strong and even finished strong.  Whether you have completed that goal and created a new one, or you are still working towards it… one thing is certain.  Summer came and we have probably had a few holiday celebrations.  We have slipped a few times while on our journey to our destination.  Lets face it… food and other things in this world are yummy lol.

If you are like many of us, then you might have noticed the peeks and plateaus of your journey.  During those peeks you feel great. However, during the plateaus you are not able to see significant gains and your energy level is lower.

Now maybe you completed your goal or are really close.  But sometimes during these periods you need that last little push, drive and conviction.  Or you are ready for the next challenge and a new goal.

Either way, if you have noticed any of this… then it is TIME!!

Do what we just completed and enjoy the health, energy and results!

The Team that just finished did amazing!!!  They are all feeling a lot healthier, lost inches and anywhere from 5-17 pounds.  Best of all, we all rebooted our system, got more energy and created some new habits 🙂

Personally I have enjoyed the 24 Day Challenge for over 13 years.  The Advocare products have allowed me to run circles around my training partners and opponents. They have also helped me lose 30 pounds of unnecessary weight while creating near 15 pounds of lean muscle tissue!!!

I love helping other people with their goals so much I am offering free training for anyone that is not a current student with us.  They can have a full month free during their 24 Day Challenge.  We have group classes as well as private training so the schedule is wide open!!!

Best of all… we have a new Team starting up Monday, August 18th and you can join them.

As you know, when people do things as a team, big things happen.  Results happen!!!

Let me know if you are ready for a change and we will help you through it every step of the way.

Guro Larry, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

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