Explore – Part One



We have been discussing the topic “Explore” this month.

Exploring is really a two part concept.  It is normally thought as the purpose of discovery.  What we miss sometimes though is that exploring also happens when we engage in taking a closer look at something.  Digging a little deeper and scratching more than the surface.

I love Scuba Diving probably as much as I love Marital Arts.

They are really two sports and ways of life married together.

Most of all what I have seen over my near 29 years now in the Martial Arts is people always looking for the new thing.  We often stand directly on a beautiful garden while looking into the field farther away for something new.

Scuba Diving is the same way.  Many people are trying to check locations off their list.  “Yep, been there and done that”…. once…. really?

What we know from Martial Arts and Scuba Diving is that every day or dive is different.  Each day we train on the same mat and yet the out come is often not the same as it was yesterday.  When we dive, we can dive the exact same location and the life changes all through the day…. every day!

As much as we want the new “thing”, we need to look at what we have.  Scratch more than the surface and learn more about is.  When we do this, we will learn even more about ourselves in the process.

Guro Larry



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