Explore – Part Three


People are always looking for the new thing.  It is “the grass is always greener” Concept.  Many of us do this all the time.  We look across at the new item or gadget and think… “man I really need that”.

The truth is we don’t get paid keeping up with the “Jones”.  There is nothing to be gained from this mentality.

We should dig deep and scratch more than just the surface.  Then just when we think we have something down or know all there is know… take a break.  Come back to it in a day and dig deeper.

I had an experience once with an boss about a software program.  I wanted the new version because… well it was the new version.  He asked me to write a paper on why I thought we needed it.  I of course did not write the paper.  When I looked at the program it really wasn’t something we needed.  I came to this conclusion because I wasn’t even using more than 10% of that software’s capabilities.  So I decided to learn more about what we had and enhance my skills there.

This is similar to the basics in any skill.  Take martial arts for instance.  We are always round kicking.  We are using it by itself and in combinations.  For the rest of your training in striking… you WILL be practicing the round kick. “Why?”, because it is a foundation technique and part of a basic structure.  It is so important that if we don’t keep working on how to make it better, we can’t even maintain it much less grasp other movements.

By taking a closer look at things we already know, we can find newer concepts and/or experiences.  Not too long ago the best example of this was in the news.  Think about this… we are all looking at the same night sky every day.  Yet on this given day, Jupiter and Venus… two planets we all know about were actually going to be the closest we have ever seen.

Someone, somewhere took a closer look at something that we all know and can see.  When they did this… they were able to not just see this amazing moment but even predict it!!!

Dig Deeper and find out more than you thought you knew by just exploring what is already in your grasp.

Guro Larry

Explore – Part Two



One definition to Exploring is the purpose of discovery.  To understand this better we have to look at what “discovery” can be.  It can either be an act or an object.  It can be you doing something new as well as it can be something new that you have found.  This can be true for every adventure!

Speaking of adventures, we recently packed up our car and made a trip to Chinati Hot Springs.  The whole trip was amazing!  We visited places we have already enjoyed as well as others we had never been to before.

I remember hiking through an area in Chinati and experiencing the awesome terrain.  Obviously fitting in with the concept of an “act” or doing something new.  Then all the sudden the coolest thing happens.  Sonja picks up a rock that doesn’t look like any of the other rocks.  It was literally made up of fossils.  Now we have found something new.. an “object”.

There were many times on this trip that we experienced new moments.  Only every once and a while are we lucky enough to find new things.  So how can we be sure that we find something new every time?  Take a picture!

Every time you experience something new like a ground squirrel getting right next to your table or swimming in the hot spring, take a picture.  Find a way to capture the moment.  Now you have just taken that new moment and created an object to share with others and remind yourself to how it felt.

This is probably one of the reasons I enjoy taking photos underwater.  The chance to share some of these moments with others is wonderful.

Most of all though, remember.. if it is new to YOU… then it is new PERIOD!!!

Often enough people can spoil others fun by dulling down the experience.  You are all excited about this “new” moment for yourself; but someone else plays it down because they have already experienced it.

This can go both ways so if you have experienced it before, be excited for them and enjoy the moment with each other.

You never know, you may discover a new moment with each other while experiencing the same old moment separate 🙂

Guro Larry