Explore – Part Four


Sometimes we learn best when we apply what we know. Application of Exploring can be using objects or skills we already have.

Like when you go camping every site and set up is different.  Especially when you go Hammock Camping.  The trees are never exactly where you want or need them to be.  I remember this one time camping last year and the weather had been really nice.  Then our first cold front of the season blew through.  Lots of rain which brought cold temperatures.  Literally 70 degree nights dropped into the low 50s that weekend.  Of course all I had was shorts and a jacket.  No sleeping bags or other things to really help.  So we had to improvise with what we had.  We had a tarp that also has a reflective side and made it into a sleeping bag.  It worked great and kept our heat in which was awesome!  This experience exploring a different location with a new season of weather really challenged our skills and knowledge of our gear.  Now we know what we can really do with as little as we had.

This is the same when you try to apply your skills that you learn in training to something like sparring, wrestling or a more partner resistant drill.  When you do this, the drills you have worked on will not always look pretty or go the way you practiced them.

The combination of strikes, blocks or submissions will not always go as planned.  Is it the technique that failed or you?  That’s a simple question that you have to explore often.

As you explore these constant challenges with your partners you will find your skills become refined.  You will not only find what works better for you but also in which situations.  You will learn your weaknesses and you will learn your strengths.  It is these challenges that will ultimately help you grow.

Put your self into situations as often as possible to explore your skills and abilities.  If you are always winning or things are easy, you are not growing.  Explore the possibilities of what you can do and who you can become!

Guro Larry