Preparation Starts The First Day

Well the wait continues!!!  Word came through yesterday that the race has been moved to July 11th.  There are a lot of complaints about this and some say that this isn’t the toughest canoe race in the world anymore because they are taking all the extra safety measures.  Personally… it has been the toughest event I have ever trained to participate in.

I have training / competed in Kickboxing, MMA and even full contact Stick Fighting I am used to training camps that are maybe eight or ten weeks long.   This training camp has been over 20 weeks long.  Definitely my longest yet!

The preparation it takes for an event like this is not a sprint by any means.  It is as enduring as the race itself.  It reminds me of when we prepare for and martial arts competition or even our Black Belt Exam.  The preparation for Black Belt doesn’t start at Red Belt.  It starts the first day you stepped foot in the martial arts school.  Every kick and punch from day one has been in preparation for Black Belt.

This race is not different.  We have shuffled our kids around to be on the river and stayed late in the gym every night five days a week to get our reps and conditioning done.  We have spent countless hours studying the course, driving and shuttling to all the various put in and take out points.

The “race” that is billed as the “toughest” isn’t just for the event or race course on the river come race day.  It is the toughest because of what we must endure to be prepared for it.

If that includes waiting a little longer for the start date, then so be it.  This will make make this year’s the toughest yet.

Silver lining for sure is that we will be more prepared than ever and even more excited when we complete it.

Here we come July 11th…. GDFR!!!

Guro Larry


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