“Man I Am Out Of Shape”



This is a phrase common to many of us when we haven’t been training or exercising in a while.

It is also a phrase that you might hear from those that are by what you would consider in-shape when they try something they don’t normally do.

So how is it that when you are not active for a while or even when you are active that this phrase comes up?

I believe it is pretty simple.

I feel that we are all in-shape.  We are in-shape for what ever we do and what our lives have us do.

For instance, if you are a basketball player you might run circles around a wrestling on the court.  However; when you get on the mat and try to use a different set of muscles you might say, “man I am out of shape”.

The same could be said in the office.  I can type easily over 40 words per minute.  But, guess what would happen if you put me in a job where there was typing all day long?  I would be saying, “man I am out of shape”.  My back would be hurting.  My forearms and hands would be cramping.  It would not be pretty.

Case in point, I was just doing some art work.  I love pen and ink as a medium.  With the race and other priorities I just haven’t laid down any ink recently.  I get about 15 minutes into it and my hand is cramping up and my eyes can’t focus on the line I am looking at.  “Man I am out of shape.”

I bring all of this up because I hear this statement often.  When it happens, I I try to shed some light on the subject.  You are in-shape!!!  You are in-shape for what you do in your every day life.  Once we except this we can be a little less hard on ourselves for trying something new.

This reminds me of a phrase that I saw completely relax a room once.  The gentleman said, “You have my permission to not be perfect”.  That is the way we should think.  I don’t have to be the best at something the first time I try it.  All I have to do is put my heart into it.

This is the same with any thing that we do.  Fear not the pain or the lack of result.  Fear the lack of doing the activity.

When we do something new it is challenging.  It is meant to not just challenge our body; but our mind and soul too.  When we feel the pain… they say it is weakness leaving the body.  I feel that it is growing pains.  We are being stretched into our new selves.

So challenge yourself often with new workouts and tasks.  Push yourself to feel like you want to say, “man I am out of shape.”

Then just before you do… pause and remember what I said here.

Guro Larry

What To Do With Fear



Fear is an emotion caused by the BELIEF that someone or something is likely to cause us pain.  What we have to realize is a belief is just a thought.  So if you can control your thoughts you can control your emotions.  If you can control your emotions then you can take fear and make it into fuel towards your goals.

Start by looking at fear in a fresh way.  Look at it as if it is your friend.  Give it a name like in the movie Rocky 5, Stallone calls it “Franky Fear”.  Ask “Franky” questions like you would your closest of friends.

Ask the big question, “What is the worst thing that can happen to me?”

When you ask this question you can look at what “might” happen.  You can see all the possible outcomes or “what if-s”.  Knowing these outcomes will help you understand and face what is causing you fear.

You want to take this knowledge and create a plan or step by step structure.  Let your confidence grow with each step you take.

Repeat aloud, “If I follow these steps everything will be ok.”

As you put one foot in front of the other you will find yourself doing whatever you were afraid of.  You will find yourself conquering your fear with not just thought; but action!!!

Best of all, when you repeat this method your confidence and problem solving will grow in all situations.  You will feel as though you can do anything.  You WILL make any fear… disappear.

“All Fear Is Lost Through Repetition”

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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Advocare Independent Distributor

Control of Life



Control is exercising restraint or even the direction over yourself or something.  I say “something” because it might be like a car, bicycle or canoe in our case recently.  More importantly though, the only thing we can control is ourselves.  We can control how and even when we respond to things in our every day life.  We can call someone back right away or three days later.  We have the freedom to choose yes or no on any topic.  All we have to do is commit to a choice and we can take control our lives.

You can start by taking control of your direction.  I remember in the beginning we would be in our canoe and hit some fast water.  All of the sudden we would come to a turn and if we didn’t switch at the right time with the right force…. well we would lose control.  So controlling your direction isn’t always easy.  Picture this like your goals.  You can’t achieve them if you don’t pick them.  Just picking out what you want to do next is a big part of you controlling your direction.  After you pick your goals you just have to plan how you will get there.  Once you know that, then you can begin to drive yourself in the direction towards what you want.  Just remember like the river and the turns… you have to experience them to know the perfect moment to adjust.  Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball and you have to adapt.  It might not work out perfect the first few times and this will most likely make you upset.  When this happens all you have to do is control your emotions!

If you look at the circle of people in your life you can probably see all sorts of emotions.  You will probably notice some are in more control of their emotions then others.  Understand, you can control all of your emotions.  You have to choose to “BE” and “FEEL” the way you want to.  If you want to be happy, you have to choose to be happy.  Secondly, you must take the roller coaster of human emotions that come with life experiences and control them too.  Use things like fear and anxiety as fuel towards your goals.  Become completely fascinated with your frustration as Tony Robbins once said.  Try something new and mess up.  It is completely ok.  The phrase from a seminar I went to that comes to mind is, “You have my permission to not be perfect.”  Allow yourself to feel and be in touch with our emotions.  They are your key to growing and becoming a much stronger you.

As you do all of this you will probably find a new found freedom.  You will find that your mind will most likely become free of the daily and worldly junk that everyone else thinks is important.  You will find yourself in control of your mindset.  When you do, you will start to change the way you think.  You will no longer look at everyone with a “what have you done for me lately” attitude.  You will start to think clear and realize what you need to do.  You will ask the question over and over again, “how can or what can I do to help?”.  When someone you know gets upset and explodes in your face about something… you will ask them what you can do to help.  When someone starts accusing you or blaming you of something… you will ask, “what can I do to help”.  You will begin to help others in a whole new light.  This will take you far because you will no longer think about the things that people don’t do for you.  You will now start to think about ways to make those things happen again.  You will be in control of your direction, emotions and mindset.  You will be in control of your life and your world.  You will have a life of purpose and best of all, you will feel amazing!

Guro Larry

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best
Advocare Independent Distributor

The Sky is the Limit


Only one word can spell the feeling after working towards a goal…. relief!

When you reach for a goal you put a lot of time and energy into it.  You can be considered obsessed or even addicted to it.  Your friends, family, co-workers and significant others get tired of hearing you talk about it.  You find your mind and body can only do or think about one thing…. success.

We always talk about the planning and what it takes to achieve something.  We often forget to mention what happens afterwards.  Win, lose or draw… what are we feeling and what do we do next.

We have been training for the last six months in the gym and the last five months on the river with one purpose.  We wanted to finish the Texas Water Safari!!!

Scheduling and planning anything else just wasn’t an option.  We were swallowed up by every waking moment conditioning and planning weekend river runs.

Now that it is over… what do we do?!

It felt wonderful yesterday to sit down at breakfast and start writing things on my calendar that were based on other goals, needs and wants.

It felt as though the sky was the limit.  That there was no end in sight.  That anything else was possible.

Looking at this, I  can honestly say that I only feel this way after I dive myself head first into a goal.

The freedom and vast possibilities that seem even more attainable afterwards are just amazing.

So I say, don’t be scared of losing or even winning for that matter.  Set your sights high.  Work hard for “IT”.  If you make it great.  If you don’t cool.  Be ok with it and look to what your journey has given you.  A new found look on what freedom really is.  A new found concept of what possibilities might come.

Enjoy the process and look to No Limits!!!

Guro Larry

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb-kUgjEzhAB1Nduaa1KVPw

There Is Nothing Like Cleaning House


There is nothing like cleaning house!!!

Getting a chance to get rid of a few things is the best feeling ever.  Often enough the things that hold us back are the things we clinch too.

Simple is good!

Last night we spent several hours just throwing away and donating many things that we have held onto with our Academy.

Starting fresh today in a new location carrying my training gear in made me feel GREAT!

It made me feel like a student as much an instructor!!

I have been waiting a long time for this new schedule and can’t wait to work with all of my students on this new format.

If you are not already enrolled then drop by and say hi sooner rather than later.

Maximizing our time together is all we can do.  Lets train safer, stronger and smarter.

Welcome to the New and Improved Martial Way Academy at 8910 Research Blvd, Suite E1 (inside Tactical Arts Academy).

Guro Larry