There Is Nothing Like Cleaning House

There is nothing like cleaning house!!!

Getting a chance to get rid of a few things is the best feeling ever.  Often enough the things that hold us back are the things we clinch too.

Simple is good!

Last night we spent several hours just throwing away and donating many things that we have held onto with our Academy.

Starting fresh today in a new location carrying my training gear in made me feel GREAT!

It made me feel like a student as much an instructor!!

I have been waiting a long time for this new schedule and can’t wait to work with all of my students on this new format.

If you are not already enrolled then drop by and say hi sooner rather than later.

Maximizing our time together is all we can do.  Lets train safer, stronger and smarter.

Welcome to the New and Improved Martial Way Academy at 8910 Research Blvd, Suite E1 (inside Tactical Arts Academy).

Guro Larry


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