The Sky is the Limit

Only one word can spell the feeling after working towards a goal…. relief!

When you reach for a goal you put a lot of time and energy into it.  You can be considered obsessed or even addicted to it.  Your friends, family, co-workers and significant others get tired of hearing you talk about it.  You find your mind and body can only do or think about one thing…. success.

We always talk about the planning and what it takes to achieve something.  We often forget to mention what happens afterwards.  Win, lose or draw… what are we feeling and what do we do next.

We have been training for the last six months in the gym and the last five months on the river with one purpose.  We wanted to finish the Texas Water Safari!!!

Scheduling and planning anything else just wasn’t an option.  We were swallowed up by every waking moment conditioning and planning weekend river runs.

Now that it is over… what do we do?!

It felt wonderful yesterday to sit down at breakfast and start writing things on my calendar that were based on other goals, needs and wants.

It felt as though the sky was the limit.  That there was no end in sight.  That anything else was possible.

Looking at this, I  can honestly say that I only feel this way after I dive myself head first into a goal.

The freedom and vast possibilities that seem even more attainable afterwards are just amazing.

So I say, don’t be scared of losing or even winning for that matter.  Set your sights high.  Work hard for “IT”.  If you make it great.  If you don’t cool.  Be ok with it and look to what your journey has given you.  A new found look on what freedom really is.  A new found concept of what possibilities might come.

Enjoy the process and look to No Limits!!!

Guro Larry


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