What To Do With Fear



Fear is an emotion caused by the BELIEF that someone or something is likely to cause us pain.  What we have to realize is a belief is just a thought.  So if you can control your thoughts you can control your emotions.  If you can control your emotions then you can take fear and make it into fuel towards your goals.

Start by looking at fear in a fresh way.  Look at it as if it is your friend.  Give it a name like in the movie Rocky 5, Stallone calls it “Franky Fear”.  Ask “Franky” questions like you would your closest of friends.

Ask the big question, “What is the worst thing that can happen to me?”

When you ask this question you can look at what “might” happen.  You can see all the possible outcomes or “what if-s”.  Knowing these outcomes will help you understand and face what is causing you fear.

You want to take this knowledge and create a plan or step by step structure.  Let your confidence grow with each step you take.

Repeat aloud, “If I follow these steps everything will be ok.”

As you put one foot in front of the other you will find yourself doing whatever you were afraid of.  You will find yourself conquering your fear with not just thought; but action!!!

Best of all, when you repeat this method your confidence and problem solving will grow in all situations.  You will feel as though you can do anything.  You WILL make any fear… disappear.

“All Fear Is Lost Through Repetition”

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best
Advocare Independent Distributor

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