“Man I Am Out Of Shape”



This is a phrase common to many of us when we haven’t been training or exercising in a while.

It is also a phrase that you might hear from those that are by what you would consider in-shape when they try something they don’t normally do.

So how is it that when you are not active for a while or even when you are active that this phrase comes up?

I believe it is pretty simple.

I feel that we are all in-shape.  We are in-shape for what ever we do and what our lives have us do.

For instance, if you are a basketball player you might run circles around a wrestling on the court.  However; when you get on the mat and try to use a different set of muscles you might say, “man I am out of shape”.

The same could be said in the office.  I can type easily over 40 words per minute.  But, guess what would happen if you put me in a job where there was typing all day long?  I would be saying, “man I am out of shape”.  My back would be hurting.  My forearms and hands would be cramping.  It would not be pretty.

Case in point, I was just doing some art work.  I love pen and ink as a medium.  With the race and other priorities I just haven’t laid down any ink recently.  I get about 15 minutes into it and my hand is cramping up and my eyes can’t focus on the line I am looking at.  “Man I am out of shape.”

I bring all of this up because I hear this statement often.  When it happens, I I try to shed some light on the subject.  You are in-shape!!!  You are in-shape for what you do in your every day life.  Once we except this we can be a little less hard on ourselves for trying something new.

This reminds me of a phrase that I saw completely relax a room once.  The gentleman said, “You have my permission to not be perfect”.  That is the way we should think.  I don’t have to be the best at something the first time I try it.  All I have to do is put my heart into it.

This is the same with any thing that we do.  Fear not the pain or the lack of result.  Fear the lack of doing the activity.

When we do something new it is challenging.  It is meant to not just challenge our body; but our mind and soul too.  When we feel the pain… they say it is weakness leaving the body.  I feel that it is growing pains.  We are being stretched into our new selves.

So challenge yourself often with new workouts and tasks.  Push yourself to feel like you want to say, “man I am out of shape.”

Then just before you do… pause and remember what I said here.

Guro Larry


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