White Rhinocerous

White Rhinocerous

To Charge is to attack by rushing!!!  Literally you put everything you have into whatever it is and CHARGE towards the finish line.  This reminds me of “The Bay” in the Safari.  Depending on conditions, it can take you forever to cross.  It felt like an eternity and the only way I could help myself get through it was to literally stab the water.  I thought about one thing and that was stab and pull, stab and pull.  I use this as an example because you need 100% of your focus and energy towards your goals.  Sometimes all it takes is a single thought repeated over and over again to win.  If you get distracted or put anything less than 100% your results will be very different.  This is the same in life.  Remember you will get everything you want if you just charge it down like a Rhino!!!

During your goal setting, planning and pursuit there are definitely different types of “Charge” needed.  The first type is immediately from the beginning.  At the start of the race you need to TURBO Charge whatever you are doing.  The leadership of your team and the pace they set will be determined by your speed.  So at the sound of the whistle, put the peddle to the metal.  Pick your direction, rev your plan and go for it!

Now once you get up and get going towards your goals you might feel yourself getting tired.  You will feel yourself swaying a little and having a harder time pushing for the finish.  This is that moment when you need a SUPER Charge.  This kind of a Charge is great for helping you get a little more wind in your sails.  It is that last moment where you are exhausted and you remember something.  You remember what you set out to do and you push a little more.  You take that goal and use it as a spark to push a little harder.  This is how your move beyond your competition and the things that hold you back.

Most importantly after all of this is to Re-Charge.  After you have achieved your goal you need to unplug and cruise a little.  You need a set amount of time to cool off your motor.  This is a great time to evaluate your progress and restructure your process.  After the Safari, we took about two weeks to mend most of our aches and pains.  During that time we began structuring a plan towards our next goal.  So keep in mind that Re-Charge is definitely still a Charge.  The steps here are just as important to moving towards your goal.  No matter the speed you keep pressing forward and CHARGE!!!

Guro Larry St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best
Advocare Independent Distributor

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