The Prepared Mindset


Before going into any event you would probably consider getting prepared.  You would read the rules and study the course or game.  You would build your strength and endurance as well as your skills for the activities you would be participating in. This would be important for your safety as well as secure a potential win!!!

This is the same idea whether you are competing, challenging your abilities or just leaving the house.  I bring this topic up because we are trying to teach our daughters the Prepared Mindset.  This type of thinking is a way of preparing mentally for what is to come or happen.  Many people think of this as a “Dooms Day” Mindset.  Maybe that helps put it into perspective though.  Do you have everything you need to “Survive” your day?  Better yet… “Do you have everything you need to perform at your best today?”  Ah, I got it.  “Do you have everything you need to out perform yesterday?”  Now we are talking!!!

So how does this really work?  Well here are some examples.  If you forgot your gym clothes at home, you might end up just staying at home instead of going to train.  If you leave without enough water for the days travels, you will either have to purchase water or dehydrate yourself.  If you don’t have any or enough snacks and meals for the day, you will either slow your metabolism down and/or have to purchase food.

These are all examples of things that slow us down daily towards our goals.  These make a big impact on more that just our physical health.  Think about how wonderful you feel after working out.  Think about how it feels to reach certain physical goals.  The confidence and stress relief that comes with working out is priceless.   What about the gasoline and mileage if you have to make extra trips to obtain things you need for your day.  What about the extra “Convenience Fee” you pay when you purchase water or food versus making it.  All the sudden you are spending more money instead of saving more money.  Your finances take a nose dive and you are unable to take a vacation.  Now  you don’t get to unplug and relax creating more stress in your life!  This is a downward spiral and believe it or not; this is many peoples lives.

Take a step outside that storm.  Start by looking at what you will need to make tomorrow an even better day.  You can do this simply by reflecting on how today went.  You can even make some notes or journal as your day is going.  Then review these notes later and see what you can do to improve tomorrow.

Some easy examples we try to remind our daughters are:

How much water do I need for the day?

How many snacks and or meals do I need?

Will I go to the gym tomorrow?

Do I have my clothes packed?

The list can go on and it will different for each of you depending on the day.  The shining moment is when your day to day habit of practicing this becomes a weekly habit.  Once that happens you will see yourself planning your month and then later your year out.  This is where the real Prepared Mindset comes to life.  This is where your goals exist!  This is where you will find yourself not just achieving more; but also living life to its fullest!!!

Guro Larry St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best
Advocare Independent Distributor

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