Cycle of Tomorrow

Mañana Mañana Mañana!!!  Have you ever had an idea about an invention only a few months later to see it for sale?  Have you ever thought about calling a friend or family member and then suddenly they are gone from your life.  What about when your kids ask you to read to them; but you are too tired so you promise to do it tomorrow?

The example I see the most is when people choose to skip training because their friends invite them out.  Many think, “It’s Monday, there is still four more days of the week.”  But then tomorrow they get called into a work meeting at the end of the day.  Then the next day, their best friend asks for help with something.  Then tomorrow becomes the next day… and the next… and the next.  Pretty soon they are not going to the gym and within weeks they are “too busy” and give up.

So how do we keep from getting caught in the “Cycle of Tomorrow”?

The mindset we must adopt is “What happens if there is no tomorrow?”.  When you begin to think this way you will find yourself prioritizing your time and emphasizing what is most important to you.

For instance, when your significant other comes home you will hug them longer.  When you read to your children will you animate it for them.  When you train, you will train as if it is the last time you will ever get to throw a punch or kick!

So, how much closer will it bring you and your loved ones together?

How much closer will that mind set take you towards your goals?

When you ask yourself these questions, you will find yourself accomplishing more, loving life and making those around you much happier.

What will you do today to defeat the “Cycle of Tomorrow”?

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Education at its Best

Advocare Independent Distributor

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