The Perfect Plan for 2018

The new year is approaching fast and I am of course asking all my students what their goals are and what we can do to help.

This has reminded me of some powerful action steps that actually apply to everything we do.  You see it is very easy to look at something and say, “It won’t work.”  It is also easy to do something a few times and say, “It doesn’t work” or “It’s too difficult.”

I share this because you must “try” first before you can “do”.  Once you “do” enough, you can say that you have actually “done” something.  A great example is I have been in two movies in my entire life.  I even had a one word line… whoa!  So obviously I am an actor right?  NOT!  I don’t even consider that “trying” yet.

So whether it be your diet, training, hobbies or whatever it is you want to improve on… “get after it”.  Go for it like Bruce Lee would go for it.  Obsess over it day and night until you reach your goal.  Give it your full attention and put in the TIME!!!

So here are some simple steps…

1) Pick some goals.

2) Start “trying” a little each day towards those goals.

3) “Try” so many times that you can eventually say you are “doing” something.

4) “Do” something for 30 days (minimum) and check out the results.

5) Evaluate the results to your approach.

6) Set up an adjusted plan or pick a new direction.

7) Rinse and Repeat!!!

I know for a fact that if you follow this approach you WILL reach your goals.

Speaking of goals… What will you push to achieve in 2018???

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair
Martial Way Legacy
“A Compass to the Preservation of Bruce Lee’s Philosophy and Legacy”

Advocare Independent Distributor


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