Bad Case of the Mondays


I will tell you that Mondays are stacked for me.  There is a lot of prep work to get the first classes of the week started strong.  If I don’t finalize the plan a few days before… well the day is just gone!

That is how I felt today. Basically, I didn’t finalize my task list / calendar set up before the alarm clock went off.  You know what that feels like?  It is like you are standing at the starting line of a race.  The gun has gone off and everyone (the day) has left you behind.  The rest of your day you feel like you are playing catch up.  This causes you to spend most of your time responding to things.

Our momentum slows down drastically anytime we are not taking action towards our goals.  I know what I will be doing tonight before I call it a day.

I hope your day is going well and you are taking action and killing it!

Guro Larry St. Clair
Martial Way Legacy
“A Compass to the Preservation of Bruce Lee’s Philosophy and Legacy”

Advocare Independent Distributor