Getting More Done


Anyone that knows me, knows that my calendar is completely stacked!  That being said, I have been playing around since November with something known as the Bullet Journal.  This has been a great addition to my task management and calendar.  More importantly it has given me an analog system that I can customize day to day.

I have been enjoying this format and have updated my methods of implementation week by week and month by month.  This has been awesome because it has helped me monitor (remember Numbers Don’t Lie!!!) my progress on a concept I call “Splintering”.  This concept really has changed my thought process on task management and even working out.  Honestly, I am getting more done than I ever have before and I am  training way more than I used.  More importantly… I am achieving new levels in all things and crushing each goal I set for myself!

Now there’s no magical way of snapping your fingers to make this happen.  You still have to put in the work; but I am here to tell you, this is the best method I have tried yet.

The basic concept is that you alternate things on your task list for a duration of time no longer than 25 minutes.  During this time I focus on one specific task.  Lets stay it is opening up Martial Way Legacy for classes that day.  This might include our announcement board, etc.  Once I complete one of those tasks I hit a workout regimen.  These are already pre-planned so it is easy and I don’t have to think about talking myself out of it.  Maybe it’s rounds hitting the bag, stretching, One More Mindset, Push Up Challenge, etc.  After I finish that workout, I move to a next task and so on.  I continue this format for a set duration of time.  So I am hitting 6-8 different types of workouts while at the same time knocking out 6-8 different tasks far faster than ever before.

You know how it goes.  You start training and you never get any work accomplished, or you start working and you never get to train.  I really do feel that this method helps balance all of these things out.

Give it a try and if you need more help on how to set it up please feel free to reach out to me.  I love this new method and I think it could help you reach your goals faster and stronger.

Guro Larry St. Clair

Martial Way Legacy
“A Compass to the Preservation of Bruce Lee’s Philosophy and Legacy”

Advocare Independent Distributor


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