Just Show Up Mentality



What a day!  It’s felt great to get back in on a Monday and just tear through all my various training modules.  So far, I have even found the time to add a few new things to my list.

I bring up the word “list” very specifically because I think it is extremely important that you have a list.  You need to have something that you know you’re going to work on.

There is a little bit of discipline that it takes to get it started; but after you get the ball rolling… you are set!  In fact, once your list is created, the process gets extremely easy.  Review, update and hit it again tomorrow.

This process takes you away from the “Just Show Up Mentality”.  It puts you in the game and sets you up to crush your goals.

Try taking just a few moments to get the ball rolling and you will see what I mean.

Oh and remember, “Don’t Get Scared… Get Awesome!!!”

Rise to the occasion and just watch your successes stack up through even a week of practicing this.

Guro Larry St. Clair
Martial Way Legacy
“A Compass to the Preservation of Bruce Lee’s Philosophy and Legacy”

Advocare Independent Distributor