Plan Your Work

I was just talking with a student this week about how you can’t control time.  It is like water in a hand.  You can’t hold it and you can’t really control it; but… you can irrigate the flow of it.
I think one of the best sayings I learned was…
“Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.”
I remember when I first heard this.  I mean it really rocked my world.  Immediately after I got back from the Martial Arts Super Show, I put this concept into action.
You see the real question isn’t what we have to do, it is when do we do it.
The easiest way to make this happen is to schedule each task like an appointment.  I mean you would have your private lesson, doctor’s appointment and family BBQ on your calendar right?  Why not add in the tasks of each day so you know when you are going to do them?
This kind of direction will take you from marking off a few things on your list, to knocking everything out.  It will also help you from trying to do too much in one day.  Best of all, it will allow you to be 100% present in everything you do.
Now you will not only crush your task list; but you will also do each task with the best quality ever.
Schedule yourself the time to knock this out today and watch how everything else falls into place.

Guro Larry St. Clair
Martial Way Legacy
“A Compass to the Preservation of Bruce Lee’s Philosophy and Legacy”

Advocare Independent Distributor

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