The Difference in Winning and Success – Part Two


Now that you have your goals in place and even a plan, you have to get into ACTION!!!

You can only experience Success when you start something.

Whether you are looking for Success or to Win, this step is the most important.  Imagine a pattern of dominoes.  There has to be a bump to the first one so they can all fall into place.  You have to get started!!!

Now if you want to amplify your Success, HIT the domino harder and put yourself out there.  When you put yourself into a competition or place where you may win or loose you always WIN!!!

You are probably wondering, how can I loose and still Win?

Well often enough your list of “Whys” to do something will be shorter than your list of “Reasons” to not get started.  If you can add more powerful “Whys”, then they will give you strength to overcome your list of “Reasons”.  This is like adding a “Fire Starter” log to an already existing fire.  It is going to burn hotter, higher and longer.

So what is this “Fire Starter”?  It is the fear of failure.  It exists in our everyday life and especially in competition.  Fear can create a list a mile long for why not to do something.  The funny thing is this list will continue to grow as you get further into executing your plan!  The pain of your evolution will cause you to whine or complain and even make excuses on why you cannot continue.  The fear of failure as you get closer to your Competition will also try to hold you back.

When you get started follow the W.E.C. Principle.

No W – Whining

No E – Excuses

No C – Complaining

This concept comes from John Wooden the “Wizard of Westwood” and the head coach of UCLA for many years.  He was most known for winning ten NCAA National Championships in a 12 year period!  That included seven in a ROW!!!  Wooden says, if you have done everything you were supposed to do, then the result should be the way you want it to be.  This has got to be the key to preparation and beating your pains and fears.

You must prepare your mind, body and spirit to be strong.  You have to research and understand the rules, the environment and what you will need to endure.  Picture yourself going through each moment.  Imagine the emotions you will feel while competing.  In preparation you want to live your event weeks before you get there. Often enough, the pain of getting there is much worse than the actual event itself.

These steps of Success help create your Winning Mindset.  You have succeeded in your preparation.  Now you are going to take that Success to a whole new level by playing the game to the best of your ability.

Guro Dan Inosanto says that when you fight (in the street or ring) you earn up to six months of gym experience during that one event.

You have committed the time that it takes to prepare.  You have succeeded in reaching your maximum potential at that given moment.  You have also put yourself out there and can now face your fears.  Each one of these Successes has enhanced your ability to Win no matter what the rules, times or judges say.

Use the power of Winning to increase your Success!

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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Food Journal 11-2-15

Here is my food journal typed up for our first day on the Holiday Challenge Contest!!!

7am – Wake Up / Probiotics / Glass of Water

730am – Spark & Fiber Drink / Glass of Water

8am – Fruit Bowl – Berries and Apples

830am – Advocare Arginine Extreme, Rehydrate & BioCharge

9am – 40 Minute MMA Workout / Water

11am – Several Handfuls of Trail Mix with Pecans, Almonds and Macadamian Nuts / Water

12pm – Handful of Trail Mix / Water

1pm – Glass of Water

130pm – 15 Minute Power Nap / Water

2pm – 3x Catalyst / Water / 50 Push Ups / Homemade Tom Kha Pork and Veggie Soup

230pm – 3x Omegaplex / Water / 50 Push Ups

3pm – 3x Joint Promotion / Water / 50 Push Ups

330pm – 2x O2 Gold / 3x Muscle Strength / Water / 50 Push Ups

430pm – 20 Minute Kickboxing Workout / Water

5pm – Glass of water

6pm – Fruit & Veggie Shake w/ Arginine Extreme, Rehydrate, BioCharge, Muscle Gain

630pm – Water

745pm – Handful of Trail Mix, Celery and Carrots

815pm – Glass of water / 50 Push Ups

830pm – Veggie Stir Fry with Walnuts and Quinoa

10pm – Cleanse Pills / Water

1130pm – Bed

Guro Larry St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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The Difference in Winning and Success – Part One


There is a big difference between Winning and Success!

Winning is often emphasized and even placed above all other achievements.  This concept has been shared through competing which is as old as time itself.  You can obviously win and consider it a success; however you can also win and not have any success.  Most would ask, “how is this possible?”

Success is more about the details of what you want to achieve.  At a glimpse, it is all about your goals; however to say you just want to win isn’t detailed enough.  In a non-competitive example, lets say today you tapped everyone out on the mat at least once and no one tapped you out.  You would probably be feeling like you had a “win” of a day.  By face value you would be correct.  However, if your goal today was to work on leg locks while wrestling and you did a few but mostly won by arm bars… then you might have failed at your goal.  Your goal wasn’t to win.  It was to work on leg locks.   You didn’t specify that you wanted to win by leg locks.

So technically, if you worked your leg locks on everyone; but didn’t win every round you would have experienced the loss of the matches; but the personal satisfaction of success towards your goal!!!

Set yourself up for success first.  Plan and organize your goals before your training or plenty of time before your event.  Review your goals often and revamp them so that you can continue growing each day.  Watch how each day of success brings you closer to the “win”!!!

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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Habits We Train Are Habits We Gain

Woman drinking water from a bottle whilst out excercising  sb10067111w-001.jpg

We all know about habits.  Think back to when you were a kid and you had that one thing your parents tried to get you to do.  It was probably bathing or brushing your teeth.  Maybe it was cleaning your room or even eating your vegetables.  Most likely the habits they were trying to help us gain were things that would be good for us in the long run.  They were habits to help us grow up and be healthy.  Some of them were there to help us even stay safe like looking both ways before we cross the street.
Now that we are “all grown up”, we might have children of our own and the roles are reversed.  The fun truly begins.  But even if you don’t have children, habits still play a big part of our lives.
A habit is by definition an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.  You do something enough times you will start to do it without even thinking about it.  Most of us have a pattern of habits we do every day.  Think about your morning.  You get up and you probably do the exact same thing every single morning.  It is your piece of mind.
Now that we are older we have to be honest with about some of the things we do.  There are of course good habits and bad habits.  There are habits that will help us maintain our course or direction just as much as there are habits that will help us achieve our goals faster.  There are even habits that will slow down or even destroy everything we are trying to accomplish.  Our parents are not here to tell us what to do anymore.  So it is up to us to find out these habits and control them so that we can grow to achieve our biggest dreams and goals!
One of the most powerful things you can do is evaluate your current situation.  Make a list of the three things that you enjoy and you think makes a difference in you reaching your goals.  Then make a list of the three things that hold you back from reaching your goals.  Picture that you could only have six positive habits.  So what would it take to improve?
The answer is pretty simple.  You want to figure out how you can eliminate the bad habits.  Find a way to break the bad habits before they become you.  This could be as simple as doing the opposite of the bad habit.  If you are inactive or not getting enough sleep make a change.  Become more active through your week and set yourself a bed time to get more rest.  As you do this you will begin a new evolution.  You will be making a turn and growing from three to four great habits!  Once you have made this change then work on gaining a fifth and sixth.  When you reach all six you will notice your speed and strength towards your goals improving.  During this process you must remember one important word… patience.  Be patient and stay strong.  If you do something often enough it will be yours.  Studies show that it takes at least 21 days to create a habit.  So stay on course and remember one of my favorite sayings… “Habits we train are habits we gain.”
So what guarantees your success during this process?  Keeping a habit… habit.  The true challenge isn’t in adopting a new habit.  The real challenge is keeping the good habits that you adopt.  It is continuing day after day to hit the nail on the head perfectly!  It will take 21 days or more to build or change your habits… and only Three Days to ruin all your hard work!!  I recommend you journal and write out the steps you are taking.  This way if you begin to slip you can review and catch yourself before you fall.  Most importantly… if you fall… fall forward.  Falling is just a stumble and failing is only failing if you give up.  As the old Japanese Maxim says… “fall down seven, get up eight.”
Changing the world starts with you being able to change yourself.
Lets get busy!!!

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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Advocare Independent Distributor

Momentum In Goals


Momentum is a huge factor in achieving your goals.  It is something you can create as well as something you can ride on.  Momentum is the driving power towards your goals!!!

We always have momentum we just have to recognize or find it.  Momentum can be both positive or negative.  When we were on the river paddling we got better about reading the river.  We recognized the positive momentum when we paddled in the bubbles or “fast water”.  You want to look for and learn from your results.  When you eat certain things you feel more energy.  When you get more sleep you function better each day.  How about when you train your body in different ways, can you can see the difference?  Positive or negative, we all have momentum in our lives.  We just have to find it!!

Once you have found momentum… the true challenge is to sustain it.  This is probably one of the hardest things to do.  We must commit to the process long enough for something to happen.  This was definitely true during the Water Safari.  We learned it was easier to keep paddling than it was to stop and then start up again.  That was due to the amount of energy it takes to get the boat moving after you stop.  Momentum is completely controlled by your consistency and your persistence.  Once you have established it, you have to keep it going!!!

For Sonja and I our goal was to finish the world’s toughest canoe race.  However reaching the finish line in one goal doesn’t mean you have completely achieved it.  Take the Advocare 24 Day Challenge as an example.  You stick to the plan; but you were unable to lose all the weight you had hoped for.  Well first and foremost you just completed your Challenge.  You have made it to the finish line of 24 days; but still need to keep going towards your original goal.  You have also made some great life style changes.  Re-evaluate everything and see if there is anything else you can do to make it better.  Make a new plan and prepare for another big push towards your goal.  This is how you advance your momentum

Now that you can see how momentum plays into achieving a goal… how can it help you achieve more than one?  The plan would be to overlap your momentum.  To do this you want to think ahead and plan your next goal before you reach your current one.  This takes a little prepared mindset and some future thinking.  You want to transition from one goal to the next flawlessly.  Literally using the conditioning of your mind, body and spirit to help you get to the next level in your purpose.  This kind of thinking can catapult you to a whole new level of achievements.

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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The Hard Answers


There are many different types of questions.  Some are simply a matter of opinion and others are more about the way things work or operate.  When it comes to how things work like a motor in a car, you can easily “web search” the question and get a ton of answers.

So lets focus on the questions that deal more with opinion.  These are typically the questions that people will answer in the most “PC” way they can.  They may even sugar coat the answer because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

This is similar to when you try to answer questions for the sake of answering them.  Both of these situations don’t build your friendship or relationship any better with that person.  It brings in a false sense of hope and even a lack of trust.

It reminds me of years ago when I was first learning leg locks.  I would tap many of my students and training partners pretty quickly with the leg locks.  They would tap early due to the pain and they would tap early to stay safe from the joint manipulation.

This built my confidence; but did not build my skill.  The test to this was the day I started wrestling a person I had never trained with before.  I saw the opening and went for my now “signature” ankle locks.  I got in the position and cranked…. and cranked…. and cranked his leg until I was blue in the face.  I remember it tired me out considerably.  We wrestled for a while longer and then eventually I was on top in his guard.  He applied an arm bar and I proceeded to “stack” him.  As I tried to turn out of it I got rolled into a prone or face down arm bar.  I was so tired I couldn’t respond quick enough nor tap at the angle.  That of course left us stopping when we both heard the “POP!!!”.  In combination with this and the fatigue of trying to muscle a submission, I literally had to pull over and puke on the way home.

I share this with you because when I was training I didn’t get what I call the “Hard Answer”.

The “Hard Answer” is the type of answer that maybe you don’t really want to hear.  It is the answer to your question that helps you realize what you really need to do.  It is the answer that only your true friends and family typically would give you.  It is the answer to both the type of questions that you might vocalized as well as those questions never even spoken.

What I mean by this is that people often just need help.  They are either afraid to ask the question or they don’t even know what the question is.  So, you see your friend really just going the wrong direction while driving.  Do you speak up?  Of course you do.  The same should happen in every day life.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can give the “Hard Answer” in a way that is functional and doesn’t destroy someone.  Make it positive, but real.  Not bitter and not sweet.

Help your friends and family out with the “Hard Answers” and become either the most opinionated person they know or the Rock in their life.  I believe this will give them a sense of stability between you and they will always trust you and look to you for guidance.

Guro Larry, Sonja, Lauren & Tori St. Clair

The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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Advocare Independent Distributor

Make The Time


Probably one of the things I hear the most about life is people just don’t have the time.  They don’t have the time to cook, exercise, etc., etc.  Lets face it, everyone is busy… or so they say.

When I hear the word “busy”, it reminds me of an old colleague of mine.  I would walk into his office and he would have three appointments for the day and be freaking out.  “Man I am soooooo busy!!!” he would tell me.  I used to laugh to myself on the inside and think… “Geez, I would love that schedule.”  On the same day I would be struggling to get client approvals for advertisements.  I would literally be pushing out 6-10 advertisements for the local papers.  All while also having clients yelling for changes on their websites.  Ah the good old days!

The funny thing is though, I never once said… “I don’t have the time” or “I am just too busy.”  I just continued to put my nose to the grind stone and progress forward to the finish line.

Now on the flip side, I do get a lot of people that tell me, “Man you are always busy!”.  Personally, that is my favorite thing to hear.  It is something I take pride in.  I enjoying doing the unthinkable.  I like living in a way that sets an example.  I love when people ask me, how do you find the time to do all the things you do.  When they do my response is always the same.  “I Make The Time.”

Lets face it, we all have the same amount of time.  We all have the same hours in a day.  The true movers and shakers in the world use that time very wisely.  They pick and choose what to spend their time on.  They put their time into the things they know will bring them the most benefit.  I hardly think these people are consistently surfing on YouTube or Facebook every free second.  They are treating their time like money and saving every second for the things that matter the most to them.

So pick what matters the most to you and your goals.  Every decision that has to do with your time has to be made with this in mind.

Most importantly, take the mindset from one of my friends.  He used to always say, “Excuses don’t excuse… they explain.”  We don’t get to check out or step away from what we need to do.  Let me put it to you this way.  “Most” people pay their bills.  It is something that we “must” do.  So lets start taking living healthier as a “MUST”.  Lets start prioritizing the things that make a difference in our future.  Lets Make the Time!!!

Guro Larry St. Clair
The Always Improving Martial Way Academy
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